Selecting IaaS good links

Selecting your IaaS provider is not an easy job.

Below some information and links about IaaS products and providers that may be useful when selecting your provider, IBM company


Key components of IaaS

Orchestration and Hybrid cloud

Building Private IaaS

Change your master password and enable 2-factor authentication immediately


Amazon Web Services announces next generation EC2 instances

– Custom 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2676 Haswell processors

– Lower network latency and jitter

– Dedicated bandwidth to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)


Dropbox opens up on enterprise cloud strategy with security and integration updates

– Two-step verification

– Tiered administrative controls

– Extension to Dropbox for Business API with new capabilities for shared folders


Converged cloud solutions and hyperconverged appliances.

“Hyperconvergence: the Next Tidal Wave in IT Infrastructure – Breaking

Analysis” –

Building a Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Data Center –

Nutanix: “What is web-scale IT?” –

Simplivity: “Hyperconvergence- Convergence 1,2,3” –

“Atlantis Computing and their USX – hyperconverged software

platform.” –

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Securing & optimizing Public IaaS

Certificate of cloud security knowledge.

Online web-based examination

example of Innovation in security using hyprvisors.

Assesing and comparing PaaS providers

Demo about using Cloud Foundry including portability to other cloud

“What is Cloud Foundry?”

“Get Started on Cloud Foundry – Demo”:

“5 minute wonders: From zero to hero with AppHarbor”:

Applications Delivery Networs – ADN and cloud

Video: The Application Delivery Network –

Video: What is a CDN and How Does It Work? –

Video: Content Delivery Network (CDN) Basics –

Video: Introducing Software-Defined Application Delivery –

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Future look

“55% of enterprises predict cloud computing will enable new

business models in three years”: http://www.cloudcomputing-


“‘Airbnb for cloud’: How the sharing economy will end the mega-

hosters’ monopoly”: http://www.cloudcomputing-


“Gartner: How Cloud Brokers Will Differentiate”:

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